The Balance Between Effort and Ease

“What the heck are the divine feminine and masculine?”

“Why is it important and what does it have to do with manifesting abundance?” 

“Do men and women carry both energies?”

These are common questions I receive from my students and clients when I speak about the terms “divine feminine” and “divine masculine.” These terms have little to do with gender and gender roles. 

Regardless of your gender identity, you contain both energies at all times in different levels or quantities.  What these terms are really code for is this: our ability to give and to receive, to be in effort or to be in ease

The Essence of the Divine Feminine

The divine feminine aspects of ourselves represent our connection with the ebb and flow of the universe and how well we are in-tune with its ability and desire to meet us where we are, providing exactly what's needed to support our path. 

The Divine Masculine in Action

Our divine masculine aspects give us the drive and passion to move forward and beyond our fears that are mind or ego driven. The essence of the divine masculine helps us to stand in our power and hold our ground when faced with a challenge. 

How these energies work SYNERGISTICALLY

When either of these energies is out of balance, we will find ourselves out of alignment with our best self. 

For example, an out-of-balance feminine energy might result in extreme worry, analysis paralysis, and over attachment to people or situations. 

And an out-of-balance masculine energy might manifest in over-doing, burnout, and fatigue.  

Living in balance between these two powerful forces of divinity means we live in the energy of taking truthful action and then sitting in faith that the we will be supported in that action with a favorable outcome. 

It has us rest in patience when we find ourselves hitting a wall, an obstacle that would take monumental steps to overcome, steps that just somehow feel wrong.  We instead stop and pause for the right time or the right catalyst to move us forward again with ease.  


Because these energies are present in all of us and many factors both internal and external affect the delicate balance between the two, it's important to understand and be aware of our own unique masculine and feminine energy signatures.

I'll be leading a series of workshops beginning on December 1st - February 2019 to help you learn to cultivate balance in these energies. I'll be including channeled teachings and meditations from my guides and angelic beings, as well as sound and crystal therapies to help awaken this balanced state for the the workshop participants. 

In addition, I recently visited the Boynton Canyon Vortex in Sedona, which is one of the best places on Earth to receive a land healing to help you balance the divine masculine and feminine. I'll be infusing each workshop with the energy and teachings I received from this sacred site.  

The guidance I've been receiving from my guides is that this work is a sacred and important part of our collective awakening as a human race.  I'm thrilled to be bringing these important teachings and activations to all of you.

CLICK HERE to register for the January 19th iteration of this workshop being held at Be Yoga in South Charlotte, NC.

Are workshops not your thing or you aren’t local to NC?  CLICK HERE to Schedule a 1:1 session with me and we will work on this and so much more!  

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Katie Sutton founded the Zen Within Academy after graduating from the Boulder Psychic Institute in 2017. She is also a certified professional wellness coach, sound healer, and intuitive channel with over 12 years of experience within the health and wellness industry.

Her personal experience with stress induced chronic illness led her to a path of awakening and self healing. She now takes the same techniques she has honed for her own wellness and shares those in 1:1 healing sessions, workshops, retreats, and in her Zen Within Academy programs.