Private Integrative Healing Sessions with Katie

Break THROUGH BARRIERS. heal old wounds.

Do you feel –

  • Like you’re not living to your highest potential?

  • You’re repeating the same destructive patterns in relationships?

  • You’re struggling to heal past wounds?

  • You are unsure of your life’s path or purpose?

  • You are stuck in a career or job that doesn’t feel right?

In our 1 hour Integrative Healing session, we will identify those areas of your life that are out of tune & restore harmony with your unique soul essence vibration, your "Soul Song".  

your partner in self-healing

As you experience traumas or make decisions that are not in line with your Soul’s Truth, your resonant vibration begins to go out of tune. Soon other areas of your life — like relationships, careers, health, & much more — go out of tune as well.  

As your partner in self-healing, I will:

  • Perform a reading of your energy in present time, bringing awareness to stuck energy or trauma structures in the body

  • Answer questions and "look into" any area of your life you feel is out of tune

  • Use an integrative approach to healing your physical & energetic layers, including performing “psychic surgery” to remove stuck energies & trauma, sound healing, light language, Selenite Swords of Light, and more…

This allows your unique Soul Song to re-harmonize all parts of your energetic and physical body — as well as your life and relationships. 


$150 for a 75 minute In-Person or Virtual Session

Real, Life-Changing Results

After our session, you will feel lighter and more expansive having healed on multiple levels of your being.

You will be equipped with the wisdom & guidance your Soul has been seeking, and empowered with practical guidance & actionable steps for manifesting your fullest potential.

After even one session, you may finally feel ready to move forward in areas of your life that have long been stagnant.  

Here’s what some of my one-on-one clients are saying:

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Meeting with Katie has been what I believe to be a life-altering experience. She shared so many things with me and has given me a renewed sense of purpose and energy. Everyday I am experiencing something new since my session with her. I have received clarity on many things and have gotten confirmation on many things that I somehow already knew. I am sure I will be working with her again when I am ready for the next steps in my journey. Thanks so much Katie!
— Ezra
“Incredible! Remarkable! Insightful! JUST WOW! I got some insight about my situation that I didn’t realize and some assurance from someone special. Got some extra special healing that had me floating on air for days! It gave me some things to work on in my life in areas that were in question. Amazing session!” 
— Amy N.
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“One thing I love about BEING a Healer is getting to meet so many Healers with such different abilities and techniques. You quickly learn the difference between powerful and fraudulent. Katie is certainly the former; she sees things other people had only glimpsed, and she freed me and made me aware of things I didn’t even know were going on.  I highly recommend her services to those, specifically, who feel as though they are getting blocked at every turn. I look forward to working with her again and healing even more completely.”
— Anna Marie R.
“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Katie. She helped me work through a lot of barriers that were keeping me from moving forward in both my personal and professional life. She makes you feel comfortable and is open and honest. I would highly recommend her programs. She is an amazing person.”
— Susan D.
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