“I am so very thankful to have connected with Katie. She is a beautiful and clear channel for your spirit team’s guidance and support. With Katie you are able to take your personal development to the next level as well as build more trust with your inner knowing and intuition. She is a powerful complement to one’s journey!

I am beyond thankful her talent and gifts. I highly recommend if you are serious about your development both personally and spiritually.”
— Karen G.
“A great Sunday with Katie at my local spa. I am new to meditation, having only been to two sessions that were guided by Dr. Leslie Wells, so the idea of a workshop where I actually learned the “why” intrigued me. My work as COO is always fast paced and sometimes stressful so I need something to take me to a relaxed state. I would tell you to go try a session with Katie. She is engaging, knowledgeable, personable and can help you into an enhanced state of awareness. The team was excellent and served their clients well, a great way to spend a Sunday.
— Randy Simpson COO
“I believe I was your second client this morning - we met at 9:30. My encounter with you was truly miraculous. The healing you did was so impactful I have felt so much lighter today. I had been through quite a traumatic experience and have had some PTSD-type reactions to it. After receiving the clearing from you, I have turned a corner and reconnected with my self-confidence and personal power. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this blessing. I will definitely stay in touch and will explore the options you provided.

Sending much love and gratitude ”
— Kathy C.
“One thing I love about BEING a Healer is getting to meet so many Healers with such different abilities and techniques. You quickly learn the difference between powerful and fraudulent. Katie is certainly the former; she sees things other people had only glimpsed, and she freed me and made me aware of things I didn’t even know were going on. I highly recommend her services to those, specifically, who feel as though they are getting blocked at every turn. I look forward to working with her again and healing even more completely.”
— Anna Marie R
“Beautiful Katie.
My husband and I were talking about you last night. We were talking about our daughter and how far she has come since the broken shell that she was when she first arrived in November. Our minds ventured back in time for a moment…
And in a moment of awareness and pure gratitude, I credited you with my daughter’s healing. She heard you. Katie, you have a gift, but you know this. What you don’t always know are the impacts of the gifts you bestow on others.
Your guiding influence for our daughter has been immeasurable and gratitude flows to you from her mother in abundance and blessing.”
— Mother of a Soul Song Activation Client
“ I thoroughly enjoyed working with Katie. She helped me work through a lot of barriers that were keeping me from moving forward in both my personal and professional life. She makes you feel comfortable and is open and honest. I would highly recommend her programs. She is an amazing person.”
— Susan D
“So in two of my most recent meditations, I noticed that I reached a near-euphoric state for what feels like decently long amount of time within the 10 mins that I meditated. I found these meditation “highs” quite exhilarating and joyous and also refreshing. ”
— Zen Within Academy Graduate
“Katie’s passion for wellness shows through her natural talent to identify issues and recommend manageable solutions for your lifestyle. Katie’s wide range of experiences, from being a leader in corporate america to wellness coaching, makes her easy to relate to and gives her a deep understanding of a variety of stress levels. Katie’s own journey through health and wellness is inspiring and enables her to do an excellent job helping others on their journey. Katie does a great job focusing on your needs and easing you into an attainable plan for wellness.”
— Monica Parks
“Last Saturday before the sound journey that I participated in with you, I felt physically exhausted...but then I left SO invigorated and filled with energy!! Today I created my own sound journey with a hot Epson salt bath, listening to beautiful music while I screamed at the top of my lungs my mantra!!!!!
Thank you Katie Jo for all you do...😉”
— Stephanie McPherson
“It was like taking a walk through the universe!”
— Sri Raj

Amazing, I am so grateful!

I am still processing the eye opening healing session that I had working with Katie. It felt like she immediately ‘got me’ and understood how to help guide me through difficult areas of my life that I have needed help navigating for quite a while now.

I am really thankful to have had the experience and am looking forward to working with Katie in the future.
— Jennifer Foster