Honoring Your Relationship House (& Sweeping Out the Dust Bunnies)

I used to say that I didn’t pull the relationship card in this lifetime but the truth is I did, we all did. None of us are exempt from the work related to our relationship house. Just like our actual home we have to care for our relationship house consistently. We have to clean it and honor it like our sacred space. We all arrive in this world with some level or relationship mess to clean up simply because we are born from two people who were in some level of relationship when they created us. At a minimum we have learned behaviors and programs picked up from our parents that impact many if not all of our relationships. Even if we had the best of role models in our parents we all carry some level of relationship work to be done, even if its just the relationship with ourselves that needs to be cared for. So even if we think we have avoided the dramas of serious relationship issues because as we compare ourselves to others we’ve got it “easy”, the reality is we all have work to do in this arena.

The sky has aligned nicely for us to do this work as we begin our slow descent into the Fall and Winter months. Venus made her way into retrograde as she does every 18 months or so and she will remain there for 40 days. This retrograde began on October 5th and lasts until November 16th. For many of this means we are doing some deep unearthing of bodies that we long ago buried. We are evaluating all the relationships in our lives including our relationship with self. We are re-evaluating who and what lights us up and shifting our priorities away from the people and things that do not. We are looking closely at how our actions and words impact others, we are opening our hearts in ways that we didn’t think were previously possible, yet at the same time we are experiencing rage, anger and frustration at the parts of our lives that are not working, that are causing us grief.

Now is the time my dear star children, we must align with the highest and greatest good for all our relationships, with self and others. We must awaken to the truth that our great potential comes not only from what we do but from who we do it with. Those that would dim our light or keep us held back from our truth might have to go or at the very least might have to step aside for awhile to allow the beauty of our soul to shine forth without fear of being extinguished by the judgement of another.

Go deep my friends, now is the time. Shed the layers that aren’t serving and feed your heart and align with your truth.



Katie Sutton founded the Zen Within Academy after graduating from the Boulder Psychic Institute in 2017. She is also a certified professional wellness coach, sound healer, and intuitive channel with over 12 years of experience within the health and wellness industry.

Her personal experience with stress induced chronic illness led her to a path of awakening and self healing. She now takes the same techniques she has honed for her own wellness and shares those in 1:1 healing sessions, workshops, retreats, and in her Zen Within Academy programs.