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Healing Sessions at Ahlara International

  • Ahlara International Spa 155 Joe V Knox Avenue Mooresville, NC, 28117 United States (map)

Katie will be offering Ajna Light Therapy and her 12th Dimensional Healing™ sessions at Ahlara International Spa once monthly.

Ajna Light Therapy Sessions

Ajna Light therapy is a breakthrough brainwave entrainment device that helps novice and experienced meditators alike explore enhanced states of consciousness and deeply relaxing meditative states without years of training. The entrainment created is similar to the effects experienced by those who are advanced in mediation practice such as Buddhist Monks.

The Ajna Light system uses LED lights, which flicker at specific frequencies to entrain the user’s brainwaves into a range of trance states. These trance states range from a light relaxing state to the deepest of meditative states. In the trance state, our mental defenses are lowered, and we are open to a greater awareness than our typical controlling egoic mind patterns. These deep meditative states also activate the pineal gland, located in the center of the brain. The user can gain great spiritual insights during this activation process. Participants can sign up for either a 40 or 60 minute Ajna light session. Ajna Light therapy sessions range from $70-95 depending on session length.

12th Dimensional Healing™ Sessions

In these sessions Katie works within the 12th dimensional layer of the clients energy field to identify mis-alignments on a physical and energetic body level and bring them back into balance. At the 12th dimensional level one is completely connected to the unified field and there is no time or space as we know it in the physical reality. This allows for dramatic and lasting results after just one session. 12th Dimensional Healing™ sessions are $150 for a 75 minute session.

Sessions will be offered the 4th Tuesday of every month beginning June 25th.