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Aligning with the New Earth: Healing vs. Fixing | Live Webinar

Are you exhausted by the chaos around you?  Do you feel that everyone relies on you to fix their problems?  Are you a chronic “fixer” suffering from fatigue and overwhelm? Well you may be chronically fixing others rather than holding a vibration that can actually allow yourself and others to heal. 

When we focus on healing our own traumas and finding neutrality around others, we begin to move into the realm of true healing and service to others.  This neutral way of being is a necessary part of our humanity's evolution and is paving the way for the "New Earth" we will all experience in the future.

In this 45 minute webinar, we will explore:

  • The energetic difference between holding a vibration of healing for others vs. trying to fix them

  • The basics of how energy flows from one person to another and why transmuting energy for others might actually be making you sick

  • And at the end of the webinar, you will be guided through a practice of releasing chronic "fixing" patterns that you have carried for many lifetimes

The session will be recorded if you are unable to attend live.  In addition, the meditation recording will also be provided separately so it can be used on its own after the class is completed.

Exchange: Sliding Scale $10, $15, $20