Unveil the Healer Within.

Are you ready to shift from being healed into being The Healer? The Level 3 Unveiling Program was designed to deliver the highly advanced tools you need to remove blockages – including entities – super-charge your intuitive senses, harness your innate healing abilities, and begin sharing your unique medicine with the world. 

Level 3 is exclusively for Level 1 Awaking & Level 2 Embracing Program graduates.




  • 6 x 75 minute sessions with myself & a small group of your new Soul Family over 3 months

  • 30 minute private healing sessions with me to catapult your transformation to new heights

  • A set of 6 guided self-activation recordings to use daily with LIFETIME ACCESS

  • Access to me via email between sessions to assist with questions & provide clarification as needed

  • Diagrams & visuals to explain the fundamentals of energetic release, manifesting abundance, healing past relationships & more 

  • Access to a private Facebook community open only to Zen Within Academy students

  • An in-person Healing Intensive Day for practicing work on others’ energetic bodies

6 Modules, 3 Months.png


  1. Advanced Astral Travel & Dream Control

    • Learn to set a course for your night-time dream adventures and how to intentionally navigate the various levels of the astral plane and their purpose.

  2. Clearing Programs & Machines

    • Learn to heal and release the energetic programs and machines created in our space by society, parents, and others.

  3. Healing & Integrating our Etheric Bodies (Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental)

    • Understand the various components of our being, including the 4 etheric bodies. Learn how to heal and release blocks keeping you from being fully integrated and aligned in your being.

  4. Clearing Entities, Amplification & Fear Beings

    • Be enlightened on the various beings that may be prevalent in your space. Receive teachings on clearing these beings from yourself and others safely.

  5. Healing our Pain Body & Channeling the Christ Grid

    • Release yourself from chronic pain and learn how to channel the divine light of the christ grid for spiritual and physical healing.

  6. Advanced Manifestation - Using Your Power Rings

    • Harness your true manifesting power moving beyond the everyday dreams into an expanded reality of possibility.

BONUS INTENSIVE: An all-day, in-person healing workshop dedicated to practicing your healing magic on others.

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  • Confidently share your unique healing gifts with others

  • Up-level your intuition, creativity & imagination

  • Heal past traumas & wounds you’ve been carrying for lifetimes

  • Grasp etheric anatomy in a way that unlocks new healing potentialites

  • Safely clear yourself, others, and spaces of entities

  • Experience freedom from chronic oppressive pain

  • Channel your power as the ultimate creator of your own reality

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