The Awakening & Healing Program


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This premium program covers the modules from the Awakening Group Program in six customized, private healing sessions with me.

Because each session includes targeted healing and energetic trauma release, your growth will be rapidly accelerated beyond what you could ever experience in a group program. If you are serious about completely shifting all areas of your life this is the program for you.  



  • 6 x 60 minute one-on-one sessions with me bi-weekly via phone, web conference, or in-person in Charlotte, NC

  • Targeted healing and instruction tailored to your current life challenges in every session

  • A set of 6 guided self-activation recordings to use daily with LIFETIME ACCESS

  • Access to me via email between sessions to assist with questions & provide clarification as needed

  • Diagrams & visuals to explain the fundamentals of energetic release, manifesting abundance, healing past relationships & more 

  • Access to a private Facebook community open only to Zen Within Academy students

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Additional topics will be covered to based on your skill level & to enhance your personal healing.


Understand the foundations of energy, vibration and frequency and how its transferred between people.  Learn how to ground into the earth and tune into your unique energetic vibration.  Learn about the body's auric field and how to control it. Learn how to reconnect and re-align with the source energy you came from.  Heal any traumas or programs associated with energy transfer and vibration.


Understand and learn to detect and gauge the level of foreign energy in your space and release it.  Learn how to release trauma and programs in your space that are limiting your forward progress in various aspects of life.  Learn how to protect your energy field from disruption and maintain a neutral stance when faced with challenges or emotional disturbances.  Heal any traumas or programs associated with stuck energy in the body and energy bombardment.


Learn how to reconnect and remember your awakened and vibrant consciousness.  Learn how to tap into that high vibration way of being and activate your bodies natural refueling mechanisms, eliminating the drain on the adrenal system.  Learn about earth and cosmic energy channels in the body and how to re-activate them.  Heal any physical traumas and programs associated with the adrenal system and chronic fatigue. 


Learn how relationships (past, present and future) affect our ways of being in the world.  Learn how to release un-healthy agreements and bring neutrality to difficult relationship scenarios.  Learn how to create space from loved ones even if physical space isn't possible.  Understand and remember how to hold space for others without being caught up in their melodramas.   Heal any traumas and programs associated with past relationships.  


Learn how to heal your body, mind and soul.  Learn how pain and disease is manifested in the body and learn to detect those energy disturbances before you experience them on a physical level.  Develop neutrality to disease, pain and discomfort allowing you to take control of your physical, emotional and mental being on a whole new level.  Heal any traumas and programs associated with the physical body including accidents and chronic disease patterns.


Learn how to manifest anything you want in life.  Learn the importance of a clarity when manifesting.  Take the effort and struggle out of creating the life you want. Learn how to manifest from and connect with the miracle consciousness.  Heal any traumas or programs around manifesting the life of your dreams.  

Other Topics That May be Covered

  • Astral travel and the dreamspace

  • Anxiety and overwhelm releasing techniques

  • Grounding and clearing your space and home

  • Intuition and psychic development

  • Life path and purpose

  • Physical body, emotional body and spiritual body healings

  • Past Lives and Karma

  • Neutrality and certainty healings

  • Energetic Cords and Attachments

WHat students are saying…

“So in two of my most recent meditations, I noticed that I reached a near-euphoric state for what feels like decently long amount of time within the 10 mins that I meditated. I found these meditation “highs” quite exhilarating and joyous and also refreshing. ”
— Joe Y.
“Trying to find yourself? This is infinitely better. You will not only find yourself in the process of participating in the Awakening program, you just might reinvent yourself. Three years ago I was a completely different person. All I cared about in life was acquiring large sums of wealth and power. I started practicing yoga and later became introduced to Katie and her husband Josh. It took a very long time for me to begin to change as a person. Still, I felt something was missing. A yoga friend recommended I take Katie’s Awakening program. I’ve tried meditation before and was not able to get results. It’s a night and day experience with this program. I almost wondered how I ever could have lived without learning the tools that Katie was able to teach me. If you want to unlock your true potential, the Awakening program is your answer.”
— Sri R.
“ I thoroughly enjoyed working with Katie. She helped me work through a lot of barriers that were keeping me from moving forward in both my personal and professional life. She makes you feel comfortable and is open and honest. I would highly recommend her programs. She is an amazing person.”
— Susan D.

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  • Up-level & transform your relationships, family, health, career & spiritual connection

  • Develop a profound daily self-activation practice to combat stress, anxiety & depression

  • Unleash your intuition, creativity & imagination

  • Access an Awakened State of Consciousness & Bliss on a daily basis

  • Heal past traumas & wounds that you’ve been carrying for a lifetime

  • Feel deep confidence & strength in your decisions and their alignment with your Truth

  • Manifest abundance & the life of your dreams

  • Move beyond chronic disease & pain, and repair your nervous & endocrine systems

  • Overcome any challenge that presents itself to become the best future self you can imagine

Two Purchase OptionS

The total cost for the full 3 month Awakening + Healing program is $1097.  Alternatively, you may opt for a payment plan, consisting of three monthly payments of $375/month.  

The first session of the program is always offered at no obligation.  If you join the first session and feel the program isn't for you, you may discontinue the program at no charge. 

BONUS: Access to one 30 minute emergency healing session per month, a perk I reserve for my Awakening & Healing clients only.
These sessions will be done over the phone and I will do my best to be "on-call" when needed, but 12 hours notice is appreciated.  


If you’ve read through this page you are familiar with all the pieces of the program being offered, but I want to be sure that the underlying intention is clear. When I started Zen Within a few years ago it was born out of my own spiritual journey to healing.  Years of suffering through life and only having brief glimpses of deep happiness and joy led me here.  I knew that this life had something more to offer and I was determined to find a practice to get there.  Countless hours of study and training brought me to this one conclusion.  Our happiness and joy in life is directly proportional to the vibration we carry.  Our unique resonant vibration is out of tune when we have other people's energy, lies and trauma in our space.  If we want to increase our happiness we must raise our vibration and that starts with the practice of releasing through self-activation.  Just like we can't pour from an empty cup we cannot manifest the life we want if we are operating from other people's lies or traumas that have been placed within our space.  We must step forward beyond the shadow of other people's opinions of us and take control of our own healing.  This program is meant to do just that.  You will learn how to heal yourself and step into a place of deep knowing and empowerment about your life path.  I created an individual program offering because some participant's want a tailored journey to healing.  They may need extra support and guidance due to specific traumas they have experienced on their life path or they may want to develop their own healing practice.  The journey begins with you, are you ready to step forward and take charge of your life?


Katie Sutton

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