Healing Our Ancestral Patterns: Channeled Sound Healing Journey

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Healing Our Ancestral Patterns: Channeled Sound Healing Journey

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$35 at the door; $30 early bird

Date & Time: June 9th 2-3:30 PM

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Releasing our ancestral patterns is key to opening us up to our true divinity.  

Your ancestors’ genetic coding runs through your physical body, and their emotional patterns, mental states, and even their traumas continue imprinting on your life — until you consciously choose to let go of these energies and live fully in your own truth.

In this sound healing ceremony & guided meditation, Katie Sutton & Josh Vogt of Zen Within Academy will create the space for you to liberate yourself from ancestral patterns through:

  • Channeled teachings & healings that will illuminate where you are being held back via programs and energetic cords

  • Intuitive, energetic activations to help you more fully individuate from your ancestors & attune to your own truth in the here and now

  • All during a live sound healing journey played on over 35 instruments

It is time to shed the past and live more fully in present time as an embodiment of your true essence.

Join us if you are ready to move forward in greater freedom and alignment with your true path & purpose.  

Exchange: $35 at the door; $30 early bird

Ahlara - June 9th 2-3:30 PM