Awakening a New Reality Retreat

Thursday, April 25th - sunday, April 28th, 2019

Can one 4 day retreat set the course for manifesting a miracle in your life? Absolutely, if you have the right guide and you have the intention. If you’re ready to embark on a journey that will shift your entire reality, read on.

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Indigenous cultures around the world have been engaging in spiritual retreats for ages. Some Native American tribes hold 40 day long ceremonies where they travel into the desert on a Vision Quest.

While most of us can’t get away for 40 days, a 4 day immersion in ritual can be equally transformative. Retreats allow us to escape our daily routines & distractions, setting the stage for forming new habits and taking our spiritual practices to a deeper level.

Combine this with the joining of like-minded individuals, and you create a field of Awakened Consciousness that is an infectious vibration like little else in the modern world. 

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During this retreat you will engage with various forms of vibration-enhancing techniques including:

  • Sound Healing

  • Stone & Crystal Medicine

  • Transformative Meditation Techniques

  • Intentional Movement

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Self-Activation Techniques

  • Breathwork

  • Ceremony

  • Creative Therapy

  • Astral & Dream Travel Techniques


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Mornings - Learn

Whether you are new to meditation or have been an ardent practitioner for decades the practice you experience on this retreat will open new doors and pathways for your growth.

Each morning of the retreat involves:

  • Light movement to awaken & stimulate your body

  • Teaching on one or more awakening techniques to support you in your continued spiritual development at home

  • Experiential learning and practice, as well as group discussion to help cement these topics into your awareness

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Harnessing our innate creativity is necessary to increase our vibration and bring us into a space where we can truly manifest the new reality of our dreams.

Every afternoon you will engage in:

  • Experiential, creativity-based learning, such as art or music therapy

  • All play will be simple & beginner friendly, prior creative knowledge or experience is not required


Evenings - Heal

This is the secret sauce of our retreat and what sets it apart from any other retreat experience you may have had previously!

Every evening, you’ll receive deep medicine via:

  • Stones & crystals, intuitive sound healing & ceremony

  • A safe space for you to release whatever’s preventing you from moving forward in your life

  • An open a connection to a new realm of possibility for your future self

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The Space Between - RECharge

There will be ample pockets of time to relax and rejuvenate. When we experience shifts in consciousness, we may need time alone to feel into the changes and shift with ease.



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“I am just so grateful to have found this retreat, to get to know Katie & all of the wonderful people who are working toward light and love and living a meaningful life. I feel the changes happening in me and feel more accepting of myself and actually have hope for the future. I really believe this is the opening I needed to find my real self again.”
“A truly Awakening and amazing retreat! What a wonderful, informative, enlightening, heart and soul opening experience.... in a safe non judgmental loving and supportive environment. Be prepared to experience a shift in your awareness and several eureka moments! Katie Sutton is a true loving healer. Thank you Katie Josh and Team for all the love thought and support that went it making this such a wonderful experience for all of us. It was amazing to witness the shift in so many people! Loved the peaceful location! If you are thinking of doing this retreat, it means you are ready for it, so go for it!”
“Excellent retreat. I highly recommend it. I was able to make considerable progress on my spiritual journey. The group that participated added a great deal to the experience. Everyone (!) was open, generous, and supportive. Quite a blessing.”
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This awakening experience does come with one requirement from you – you will need to bring an intention and know that you will be transformed by what you experience. This is all we ask of you, no previous experience or skill set is necessary.  


The retreat is held at the stunning Highland Lake Cove Retreat and Learning Center in Flat Rock, NC.

We intentionally chose this center for its serene landscape and their sustainable, onsite-harvested menu. The 58 acres also includes a small working farm with sheep, ducks, goats and many more animals – plus gardens, walking trails, and a 30p-acre lake for swimming and canoeing.


How we nourish our bodies as we move through shifts and transformations is critical.

From my many years of attending retreats some of my favorite memories come from the connections and conversations had over meals. One of the main reasons I chose Highland Lake Cove is the beautiful food that is prepared onsite, much of which is sourced directly from the land we will be gathering on. 

The food will be fresh & seasonal with options for those who are gluten or dairy sensitive as well as vegan or vegetarian. In addition, a kitchen is available onsite should you have additional dietary restrictions that need to be supported.  


Standard Cabin: Single Occupancy


  • Includes 3 nights accommodations; 8 meals and 3.5 days of retreat programming

  • Amenities include: Private room in vacation retreat cabin & shared bathroom.



*This lodging option is sold out.*

Standard Cabin: Double Occupancy


  • Includes 3 nights accommodations; 8 meals and 3.5 days of retreat programming

  • Amenities include: Shared room in vacation retreat cabin & shared bathroom.



*This lodging option is sold out.*

Bring Your Bed: Camping or commuting Options

  • Includes 3 nights accommodations camping on the grounds; 8 meals and 3.5 days of retreat programming

  • Amenities include: Access to over 20 beautiful acres of camping spots and shared bathroom access.

For Payment Plans & Additional Questions

Have additional questions or want to pay in installments? Contact me directly at

* RETREAT Cancellation Policy *

$100 non-refundable deposit guarantees your spot (unless Zen Within cancels the retreat). Full Payment is due 30 Days prior to start of Retreat. You may cancel 60 Days prior to Retreat for Refund (minus the $100 deposit). Please note that there will be no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays or illness (barring true medical emergency).