Aligning with the New Earth: Healing vs. Fixing | Webinar Recording

This webinar took place ahead of the potent full moon energies on Sunday, January 20, 2019. But you can access the recording of the webinar + a 26 minute long recording of the activation meditation to be used over and over again to support your continued growth.


The Sacred Sphere meditation

This meditation involves releasing all that is not serving us into a sacred sphere.  This sphere is then gently removed from the body, healed and placed in the earth.  We then gather energy from the center of mother earth to refill what we have released with the highest vibration of loving energy possible.  Click the button below to download or listen to the meditation for free.

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The Grounding, releasing & replenishing meditation

This is my signature grounding, releasing and replenishing meditation.  The body is connected with the earth, energy is released via that connection with the earth.  The body is then connected with source and replenished with golden light from the source.  Click the button below to download or listen to the meditation for free.

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Releasing shame, fear and guilt webinar

in this webinar you will learn about how shame, fear and guilt is created in the energetic and physical body, give real life examples of how it may manifest in your life and then you will be guided through a self healing meditation practice to gently transmute and release that energy.  Click the button below to download or view the webinar for free.

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Embracing Bliss Webinar

Do you believe that bliss is illusive or that you are un-worthy of experiencing it?  Do you believe that creating the life you want requires struggle and pain?  In this free webinar I will be sharing information about how we hold ourselves back from truly experiencing bliss in our lives. The feeling of bliss is often discussed but rarely felt and holds the key to creating the life of our dreams. You will be guided through a simple and effective meditation practice that will allow you to connect deeply to the state and feeling of bliss.  This is a recorded webinar that requires registration.  Complete the form below to receive access.